Airbus A340Cj Implements Rockwell Collins Venue HD Cabin Management System

Rockwell Collins Venue Cabin Management system

Rockwells Venue Cabin Management system has recently won it’s bid to be the newest CMS to be implemented into Airbus’s A340CJ VVIP business jet. Venue has been winning the hearts and minds of business jet owners in recent years, a fact that surprises no one as Rockwell has remained a strong leader in the world of avionics and cabin management systems.

Venue provides a cutting edge in-flight-entertainment experience, able to be synced up with passengers iPod, iPad’s and other digital devices in Blu-Ray quality. With it’s built in content management system, busy professionals are able to provide unsurpassed video and audio options for their passengers and crew. The ability to share data from individual devices to other passenger makes in-flight business meetings able to be conducted from the any location on the aircraft.

Options like these are important to a company like Airbus, who has been dedicated to providing the most advanced and innovative options to it’s business oriented clients. The power and versatility to keep in contact, on the go, and entertain important prospects has been part of the Airbus’s reputation, and their recent adaptation of Rockwell Collins Venue system ensures their reputation for doing so will remain well deserved.

Throughout 2014, owners of Airbus’s A340CJ business Jet have been able to enjoy these features, as every newly produced or updated aircraft of this type has come with this powerful new system onboard. The capabilities they sought to integrate went beyond mere entertainment and presentation value, as the inclusion of the Airshow moving map system provided in-flight map capabilities exceeded only by Flight Displays “Moving Map” software that heralded the start of the company.

Those A340CJ produced since this time have implemented the Venue systems HD monitors in every part of the aircraft, and utilizes it’s AVOD system for all personal devices. Audio/Video On Demand is the newest standard for the in-flight experience, and the rugged 67 Gbps backbone relies on Fiber-Optic technology to deliver it’s fault-tolerant experience. System availabilty of this consistency and reliability has never been seen in the avionics industry, and Airbus and Rockwell’s partnership is bound to set the new standard for aircraft manufacturers everywhere.

About Rockwell Collins

One of the pioneers of innovative aviation electronic solutions for government and commercial aircraft, Rockwell Collins has specialized in the deployment and development of these systems across 27 countries. They employ an impressive 19,000 employees as part of their global network, and have unparalleled expertise in cabin electronics, mission communications, avionics, training, and simulation in their field. Further information on Rockwell Collins can be found at