Features of iCabin:

  • JetFlix™: 400 movies stored in the digital library. Every movie is streamed wirelessly to each passenger. Every passenger can watch a different movie.
  • JetTunes™: Listen to up to 15,000 songs. Each passenger can listen to different songs from the digital library. All music is streamed to iDevices.
  • iCabin View™: 3d interactive moving map
  • iSCADS™: the “Smart Cabin Auto Dimming System” provides real-time automation of cabin light management. The system continuously monitors environmental sensors and airframe systems, which then regulates the amount of light entering the cabin through the cabin windows via iShade dimmable windows.
  • iCMS: All cabin management features can control dimmable windows, electronic pleated window shades, interior lighting, reading lights, cabin temperature, seat warmers, cameras, and basically any electronic component you have in the cabin.
  • iCLS: Their full spectrum LED lighting system offers passenger complete control of their cabin. Coupled with iShades, this is the only system available where the passenger can control cabin lighting and ambient lighting entering the cabin to virtually any degree. Enabling the passenger to create any time zone or lighting scheme imaginable.

The company recently issued a press release announcing installation of iCabin in a Hawker 400XPR:

e-Systems delivers a new class of In-Flight Entertainment and Cabin Management System. Co-developer InspecTech installed the iCabin Suite on the Hawkerbeechraft 400XPR and showcased at NBAA static display in Las Vegas. The iCabin is a full-featured stand-alone Cabin Management and In-Flight Entertainment Wireless System that does not required Internet. Having the smallest footprint of any IFE/CMS system available with a basic system weight of less than 10 pounds.

The iCabin uses iPads as the primary control center and video screen and it does it all wirelessly. All Entertainment and Cabin Management data is streamed wirelessly. This eliminates many components, saves substantial weight, space, and significantly reduces potential failures and maintenance. Operators no longer have to store and manage physical media such as DVD’s or CD’s as all of the entertainment media is stored in the digital library on the server. All media being streamed is in compliance with all Digital Rights Management requirements.

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