Low-Profile DVD Player Delivers High Impact Upgrade

FDS unveils their latest addition to In-flight Entertainment Offerings

Flight Display Systems, a leader in Cabin Management Systems, In-flight Entertainment, and Military Special Mission solutions, is pleased to announce a brand new Low-profile DVD Player for business and private jets.

The new Low-profile DVD Player provides high quality images with more than 500 lines of horizontal resolution. To save space and minimize weight, the DVD player includes a slimline design with slot load capabilities. The player can be mounted sideways. Additional features include high-quality audio and a multi-language audio option.

A second model is equipped with inputs for connecting external composite video or analog audio sources. The FD932DVD-LP-3 and FD932DVD-LP-3-AV multi-media disc players both provide a high quality audio and video experience in the cabin.

About Flight Display Systems

Headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, Flight Display Systems is a leading designer, developer, and manufacturer of cabin electronics for business and commercial aircraft. This includes Cabin Management Systems, In-flight Entertainment solutions, and ruggedized Military Special Mission displays. FDS also specializes in customized solutions for special applications requiring adherence to military and commercial specifications.