Rockwell Collins Offers New Portfolio of Flight Services

Rockwell Collins Offers New Portfolio of Flight Services

October 8 was a big day for Rockwell Collins, as it introduced its newest portfolio of flight information solutions. Among the technological advancements it showcased were improvements on the flight deck, better and more diverse mobile applications of the cabin. Of course, Rockwell Collins’ team of experts was present throughout the entirety of the event to discuss the changes being implemented, answer any questions, and explain how these changes will be improving the flight experience for all of the people involved, including passengers, owners and operators.

Rockwell Collins offers an extremely wide range of services to all areas of the aviation industry, especially in the area of flight support services, but it is the services offered in particular to business aviation that will be concentrated on here. The new capabilities of its Flight Support Services as well as and its future vision concerning them are what Rockwell Collins introduced at NBAA 2014, covering the following areas:

  • Flexible Cabin Solutions
  • Flight planning
  • Cabin Connectivity
  • Flight operations management system

One of their biggest achievements in the area of commercial flights is a product they call Venue. Venue is a real first for the entire industry, a complete cabin management and entertainment system that offers a truly impressive amount amount of features and functionality much like the ones offered by an advanced home entertainment system. These include audio-video on demand, as well as wireless cabin controls. It allows the passengers to continue to conduct their business regardless of the fact that they are 30,000 feet above the Earth. In short, with the installation of Venue, the cabin is transformed into a satellite office that goes wherever its passengers need to, never missing a beat. When tired of working, they can share movies and TV shows, including those protected by Hollywood Digital Rights Management (DRM), effortlessly, using the on-board Apple iTunes® library, and Apple iOS devices, while all the time keeping the audio and video quality pristine. Passengers can also follow their flight in real time using Venue’s integrated Airshow moving map. As Airshow is interactive, it can be used for so much more that just checking the progress of a flight—using your touch HD screen, you can navigate and explore the entire virtual globe at your leisure. In short, Airshow allows you to really have the world at your fingertips. Another impressive feature of the Venue is that it can be installed on small and large aircraft alike, from Cessa, through Bombardier to Airbus, as its hardware is incredibly compact and uses lightweight cables to distribute its high-definition signals. So far, over 450 of these have been installed, so more than any other HD system in the industry, but that’s not all of the achievements Venue has to boast. Just recently, it also received the top honor from InFlight Magazine for the innovations it’s introduced in the area of large VIP corporate jet cabins.

2014 has been a truly fascinating year for Rockwell Collins, and the entire industry is undoubtedly looking forward to all of their future endeavors.