[Video] Cabin Management Systems Overview

When State-of-the-Art Luxury is essential to your aircraft, FDS delivers with Smart Cabin CMS.

Smart Cabin is their latest Cabin Management System that gives VIPs all the comfort and convenience they’re looking for in-flight.

With integrated entertainment, climate and information controls and wireless connectivity, Smart Cabin allows passengers to create an optimal in-flight experience, based on their own personal preferences.

So, what makes Smart Cabin so effective? Let’s take a look at the features.

  • Entertainment options are unlimited with access to music, movies and other content that can be streamed to a tablet or laptop.
  • Better yet, videos can be viewed on high- definition bulkhead displays available in a variety of sizes.
  • The Worldwide Moving Map can also be viewed on either platform.

Productivity is optimized with Smart Cabin CMS. From file sharing with multiple users to charging more than a few devices, Smart Cabin CMS provides all the convenience of a virtual office.

Whether passengers are working or playing, it’s important to set the cabin environment for maximum enjoyment and efficiency.

Smart Cabin gives VIPs control over lighting, temperature, shades and service – all with a tap of the finger.

What’s so cool about Smart Cabin is the flexibility of the system. All of the features can be accessed through a mobile device or the convenient user-interface built in to the aircraft.

That’s a quick overview of Smart Cabin CMS, the fully-integrated Cabin Management System by FDS– enabling passengers to work, play and relax on their own terms, creating an optimal in-flight experience.